Connect Groups

At C3 Church Salt Lake City, we believe it is essential that everyone who comes through our doors should feel welcomed as a part of our family, and have the opportunity to build healthy relationships that will cause each of our lives to flourish! That’s why we’ve made Connect Groups the heartbeat of our church, connecting you to God and to each other in a fresh, real, and powerful environment.

You will be able to grow and flourish as you unpack all that God has prepared for you in your life. No one is meant to do life alone, so we encourage you to find the Connect Group that’s right for you as you seek to make C3 Salt Lake City your home!

CONNECT with friends at Sunday Service or small group events | C3 Church Salt Lake City
CONNECT with friends at a small group event | C3 Church Salt Lake City
Get Connected - Join a Team, Find a Connect Group, and More! | C3 Church Salt Lake City
Get to know Christ better by serving on a C3 Volunteer worship or production team | C3 Church Salt Lake City

Join a Team

Here at C3 Salt Lake City, we believe that God has destined each one of us for greatness. In serving others, we not only discover God’s purpose for our lives, but we become more like Jesus, demonstrating to the world that we are His disciples. As we lay our lives down to build His kingdom, God works in us and through us to make a positive and lasting impact on this earth!

If you call C3 your home, consider joining and being a part of our amazing team. Together, we can do so much more when it comes to serving our community and making an eternal difference all in the name of Jesus!

C3 Kidz

At C3 Kidz, our vision and mission is empowering and raising up world-changers in the emerging generation. C3 Kidz connects children personally to Jesus Christ through powerful weekend services with Godly discipleship, energetic praise and worship, and engaging programs.

We value every moment we are given to speak into the lives of our kids and we place no limits on what God will do in them and through them. C3 Kidz is the gatekeeper of the emerging generation and it’s a privilege to connect kids to the heart of God, and train them in the way they should go so that when they are older they will not depart from it!
*We accept children from 6 months up to 11 years old.

Get to know Christ better by serving and loving His Kidz on a C3 Volunteer team | C3 Church Salt Lake City
Get to know Christ better by serving His Kidz on a C3 Volunteer team | C3 Church Salt Lake City


MYCITY is the youth ministry of C3 Church Salt Lake City. MyCity is a passionate and powerful Youth Ministry that brings transformation through Jesus Christ. This 8-12th grade ministry meets as a Connect Group on Friday nights from 7-9pm.

Check out their Instagram account to find out where they’re gathering week-to-week.